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Welcome to dierenportretten

Renate (1963) Amsterdam, is illustrator and painter and has been working since 2003 as a portraitpainter.

"I have been drawing and painting since I was young child and I started working as a graphic designer in 1985 for several corporations. Along the way I have developed an extensive portfolio and in recent years I have been specializing in portraits including animal portraits. This has become my passion and something I really enjoy so I am delighted to say that this has now become my occupation. On this website you can see different examples of my artwork: Portraits, Animal Portraits, Illustrations as well as Murals and other drawings. Click on the tabs and enjoy. "

About the Portraits
The portraits are created using a variety of different mediums including oil on canvas and a combination of chalk and specialist pencils. The drawings are made on paper with *passepartout and therefore have to be mounted in a frame behind glass. This ensures the drawing is kept in its original condition.

Over the years I have developed my own style by using a mix
of materials and this, I feel, adds originality and uniqueness
to the projects. This also gives a lively image with great depth
and warmth that has become characteristic of my work.

As a general rule I work from a photograph or a couple of photographs, which are selected during a consultation with the client. The client’s wishes are always taken into full consideration during this process. Also, being given a description of the character of the subject is very helpful to add personality to the portrait. As it is not necessary to meet the subject or the client in person I am able to accept orders from abroad.

* Passepartout is a cardboard sheet with a cutout, which is placed under the glass in a frame. A photo (or print, drawing, etc.) is placed beneath it, with the cutout framing it. The passepartout serves two purposes: first, to prevent the image from touching the glass, and second, to frame the image and enhance its visual appeal.

Prices and how to order
For a quotation you can send me an email with the details of your request. Please let me know what you would like to have painted, the size you have in mind and whether you would like a painting or drawing.

The prices below are estimates only and the final price may be more or less and would be based on the exact size, materials used and other considerations. Post and packaging is charged separately.

Prices (indicative price)
Drawings in black and white starting at 190 euro up to 350 euro in colour at size 40 x 50 cm.
Oil paintings (colour): starting at size 20 x 25 cm 400 euro up to 790 euro at size 40 x 50 cm.

All orders will be sent in protective packaging which ensures that it is fully insured during transit.
The drawings will be sent to you with passepartout but not yet framed.

For further information and enquiries please email me at

Thank you for visiting my website.
Kind regards!

Telephone: +31(0)6 413 933 01



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